... Duchamp droit tout a Tzara....


my thoughts on this matter are incomplete and not formulated as well as they might be : however having said
 I make this Dada pronouncement __ it's  false comparisons between
              2 different kinds of minds one dadaist Tzara versus Duchamp
                                          who was never  a Dadaist as such

                                                               and who had a different type of mind
from that of Tzara's

(you might even say Tzara had a typewrite  mind and Duchamp a urinal type,
                                                                               or a found ready made sort of brain,
                                                                                                 apt to,


More ot come and go

on this another day,


Zervos. Paul Eluard. Aragon. Elsa Triolet. Mayakovski. Marcel Duchamp. Picasso... Conversation de Philippe Bonnet filmée à Barfleur par Denis Leboul le 7 avril 2015.